"Meet the MilLennIAls Marketing Homes Like Hollywood Movies."



The Society Group has built a reputation quickly WITH CAMPAIGNS that redefine how luxury is marketed. we push our clients and ourselves to THINK authentically AND build honest campaigns that resonate with the essence of WHY THEY CREATE WHAT THEY DO.  

In January of 2016, THE SOCIETY GROUP WAS the press lead on The Playboy Mansion, the most expensive property in America at the time. WE received international attention by marketing the $100 million opus mansion like a hollywood movie complete with a movie trailer that went viral and received over 2 million views. 

OUR passion for A NEW KIND OF PR earned the honor of being named Best Company Entrepreneur 360 2016, and helped sell over $350 million in properties SINCE 2015.


An Arab-American native of Portland, OR, Alexander Ali spent over 12 years in the entertainment industry doing every possible job you can imagine. After a quick stint on The Amazing Race Season 7, Alexander opened his own PR firm, at the age of 27, specializing in celebrity and lifestyle PR. his creativity for big picture disruption turned comedian Adam Carolla's podcast into the Guinness World Record for “Most Downloaded Podcast in the world” and secured four NY Times bestsellers for clients including, Tim Ferriss’ “The 4 Hour Chef". In 2015, he found a niche in real estate and quickly started to work with AMERICA's most prominent developers and mansions. Alexander has been profiled in the Wall Street Journal, forbes and fast company. 

The Society Group drove leasing traffic to our building before we completed construction with immersive events and strategic press placements in the Wall Street Journal and The Los Angeles Times. We trusted their vision from day one. They successfully created a strong sense of community within our target demographic, and they helped create the public identity of our project.”
— Ben Brosseau, Vice President of Real Estate Investments at Camden Property Trust