"Meet the MilLennIAls Marketing Homes Like Hollywood Movies."



Alexander Ali is the founder and CEO of the SOCIETY Group. In 2015, when tenants in the Hollywood high-rise he lived in were being evicted so a new building could be constructed, Ali (who was working as a publicist for brands) used his connections to raise local awareness of the problem, resulting in the 60 tenants securing relocation funding. After realizing how real estate PR had the power to change peoples’ lives for good, he decided to focus exclusively on the industry. 

Ali has made a name for himself by creating big picture disruption in the real estate sector, from envisioning immersive events to overseeing viral video campaigns. He carefully handled the PR for The Playboy Mansion’s sale as a living trust with Hugh Hefner still living there which sold for $100M. Under his visionary leadership, the SOCIETY Group has become the leading luxury real estate public relations firm in America with a roster of luxury properties such as the $500 million spec home in Bel Air and the Playboy Mansion. Ali has been profiled in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. He is a frequent commentator on real estate trends for Bloomberg, CNBC and The Hollywood Reporter.