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Everything you do or say is PR

Here's what they say about our unique
and creative approach.

The Society Group is the award-winning industry leader for property public relations that has helped launch over $3 billion in luxury real estate worldwide. We have three distinct divisions: Property Society for public relations and luxury marketing; Social Society for social media and influencer marketing; and Soiree Society for experiential launches and immersive events.

We channel the power of storytelling to market properties like Hollywood movies - think distinct story lines, one-of-a-kind real estate trailers, and immersive events designed to get prospective buyers through the door. By breaking every property launch into three separate phases (off-market strategy, on-market strategy, and event strategy), we tell the story of your property in an engaging way that connects with buyers.

In a downturn market, a clear-cut PR strategy is essential. By using proven methods and state-of-the-art programming that generates leases and buzz, we help developers and builders rent and sell units in high-end residential buildings in Los Angeles and beyond.