A Home Staging Pro Explains The Art Of The Sell- Luxe Interiors + Design

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Home stagers are not only employing high-end furnishings, but also museum-quality art–think Basquiat and Picasso–to sell listings. We asked Janus Cercone, developer and interior designer of Malibu-based Jaman Properties, to give us a glimpse behind the more artistic side of elite home staging.

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The New Rules of Excess: Inside L.A.'s Giga-Mansion Boom with the Architect of Beyoncé and Jay Z's $120 Million Bel Air Home- W Magazine

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I n the Bird Streets, a tangle of roads above Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, multimillion-dollar mansions, with their angular glass facades spilling down the hillsides, look as if they have alighted fresh off another planet. Many are the work of a single architect, Paul McClean...

...Niami was formerly a movie producer, and "Opus" can feel like a tentpole movie set. In a three-minute trailer on the Opus website, a woman wearing a VR headset writhes awake in the indoor-outdoor master bedroom, as glittery, gold-masked women join her for a bacchanalia of champagne, skinny dipping, and light foreplay. It’s like an ad to buy 50 Shades of Grey to be your life. For developers selling a lifestyle, McClean’s designs offer the correct canvas to play with.

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A Downtown Skyscraper With Yachtlike Interiors- NY Times

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At 125 Greenwich Street, a new skyscraper rising in Manhattan’s Financial District, Bizzi & Partners Development is turning the typical condominium model on its head.

The amenity spaces, often placed on a building’s lower levels, are instead at the very top of the 912-foot-tall structure, on floors 86 through 88. And while developers tend to put larger apartments on higher floors, this building reserves room for studios on upper levels. In fact, there are no studio apartments below the 61st floor. Rather than impressing with wide-open spaces, many of the apartments are on the smaller side, starting at just 418 square feet.

The apartments and common areas are designed by March & White, a design firm with experience working on the interiors of superyachts and London private members clubs.

“We used our background in designing superyachts, and applied our learning of how you design small spaces to the interior of the smaller units here,” said Elliot March, who runs the firm with James White.

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Around the World at $100 Million: 4 of the Most Expensive Listings on the Planet- Robb Report

Around the world, the stunning price point of $100 million is becoming more common as the world’s real estate market continues to boom. So what exactly does $100 million buy you? You might get tons of land—such as three pristine islands in Panama—or little of it; in Los Angeles, a new megamansion sits on just over an acre.

Ready for a deep dive into the world of nine-figure estates? Here are the $100 million winners.

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Bel-Air: home to the first $250m house and other sky-high listings- Financial Times

The Park Bel Air, an 11-acre development under construction in Bel-Air, will have three homes that range in size from 56,000 sq ft to 61,000 sq ft, with asking prices starting at $115m and rising to $150m. A short distance away, a four-acre home under construction called “The One” will go on sale later this year with a reported asking price of $500m, according to its developer, Nile Niami. Its over-the-top amenities include a 5,000 sq ft master bedroom and five pools.

“Bel-Air has always had a reputation for wealth, but now it’s becoming a bit more global with international buyers shopping here,” says Alexander Ali, chief executive of The Society Group, a Los Angeles marketing agency with a string of high-profile sales under its belt. “These are buyers who traditionally shopped for properties in places like New York and London, but they are now showing up in Bel-Air.”

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House of the Week: $100 Million Mansion Stocked With 177 Bottles of Bubbly- Zillow

It also boasts Beverly Hills' largest indoor pool.

Put this one on the holiday wish list now.

You might have to beg, borrow, and steal to come up with $100 million dollars to afford this 7-bedroom, 11-bathroom Los Angeles mansion (or give up 20 million $5 lattes — trust us, we did the math), but once you do, you might not have to think of much else.

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