The Hollywood Reporter Oscar Issue 2019 featuring The Mansion of Earthly Delights & The Society Group

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The CEO of a real estate PR firm dishes on how he sells multimillion-dollar mansions to the super-rich.

The Palazzetto- Mansion Global

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Historic Palazzetto Mansion in Rome Hits Auction Block for €35M.

The Giacomo Della Porta-designed compound has panoramic views of the capital city of Italy and beyond.

The Palazzetto, a luxurious compound inside the Palazzo Albertoni Spinola World Heritage site in Rome, which was designed by Renaissance sculptor and architect Giacomo Della Porta in the 16th century, is selling via auction with a minimum bidding price of €35.3 million (about US$43.3 million).

The auction will commence on April 26 if the current owner hasn’t accepted an offer prior to April 20. That’s also the deadline for interested buyers to register and review relevant documents, according to a rep for Rick Hilton of Hilton & Hyland, who’s exclusively handling the sale of the property.

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The Palazzetto- Forbes

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A Da Vinci Masterpiece Auctions For $450 Million, Next Up A Rare Renaissance Mansion In Rome.

Last November, Leonardo da Vinci's Salvator Mundi painting sold for a record-shattering $450 million at auction. Now another historic Italian Renaissance masterpiece is on the auction block—the Palazzetto mansion inside Rome’s historic Palazzo Albertoni Spinola.

Rick Hilton, chairman and co-founder of brokerage house Hilton & Hyland (which exclusively holds the listing), will host the live auction on April 26th from Los Angeles. The palacial estate has been valued at $35 million (current Rome market value) but that’s only the opening bid before taking its prodigious historical pedigree into account.

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The Society Group- Financial Times

The Park Bel Air, an 11-acre development under construction in Bel-Air, will have three homes that range in size from 56,000 sq ft to 61,000 sq ft, with asking prices starting at $115m and rising to $150m. A short distance away, a four-acre home under construction called “The One” will go on sale later this year with a reported asking price of $500m, according to its developer, Nile Niami. Its over-the-top amenities include a 5,000 sq ft master bedroom and five pools.

“Bel-Air has always had a reputation for wealth, but now it’s becoming a bit more global with international buyers shopping here,” says Alexander Ali, chief executive of The Society Group, a Los Angeles marketing agency with a string of high-profile sales under its belt. “These are buyers who traditionally shopped for properties in places like New York and London, but they are now showing up in Bel-Air.”

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OPUS Beverly Hills- Mansion Global

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New Zealand, Sweden could be headed for housing bubble burst, Chinese developers face challenges in India and more news from around the world.

When a potential buyer considers purchasing a new property, their first step, even at the luxury level, is often to look at some listings to see what’s out there.

“Because we know that most buyers start their search online,” said Alexander Ali, the CEO and founder of a Los Angeles-based public relations firm called The Society Group, “a listing’s photos and videos serve as a window into the property’s world until you can get that buyer in to see it.”

For this reason, “they’re very, very important,” he continued.

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OPUS Beverly Hills- Forbes

In order to bring some attention to the spec home known as Opus, Hollywood producer-turned-developer Niles Niami and Hilton & Hyland listing agent Drew Fenton have unleashed two videos -- one green band and one red band -- that promote the 20,500-square-foot mansion's sprawling features as a crew of "Goldfinger"-esque girls writhe about in unmitigated ecstasy on the property.

The red band version features a live-action body painting, a stimulating virtual reality experience, an abundance of strategically placed gold pasties, gold fetish wear, a masked wine cellar attendant, gold luxury vehicles, and a lot of slow motion grinding.


OPUS Beverly Hills- The Hollywood Reporter

By: Peter Kiefer

Lights, camera, sell! L.A. real estate videos are taking cues from Hollywood with plot twist and production values of sex up a nine-figure listing by 'telling the story' of a property (without offending anyone, of course).

The SOCIETY GROUP + The Camden Hollywood- InC.

Back in 2008, I used to work at a real estate investment fund. We sold real estate in conference rooms. Boring, I know. So were all the open houses and development projects I went to.

Today, all of that has changed.

Alexander Ali of The Society Group invited me out to an open house he was hosting to launch The Camden residencies in Hollywood on Sunset and Vine. I thought to myself that this was going to be another boring night, but at least there would be Moet champagne and a dinner by Foodshop.

The Problem.

Luxury real estate companies from all over the world aren't sure how to capture their audience. They want to sell a lifestyle, but there aren't many options.

In such a boring and bland industry, most real estate agents believe that parking a Ferrari in front of a location will sell that experience. Me, on the other hand... I believe that adds competition to a new home, as I'd probably entertain the option of owning the exotic car instead.

Alexander spent two months pitching leadership the idea of an "immersive open house" at The Camden of how this would pan out, but they were skeptical because something like this has never been done before. Ultimately, they decided to give it a try.