Riviera White House- Extra

The family estate of President Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan is now being sold off-market for $33 million.

Janus Cercone of Jaman Properties took "Extra's" Michael Corbett on a tour of the historical home. Watch!

The couple built the 4,700-square-foot ranch-style house on the Pacific Palisades property in 1953 and lived there for three decades. The Reagans lived in the home as Ronald's star continued to rise and he eventually became the governor of California.

In fact, Reagan was in the shower and Nancy in the bath when President Jimmy Carter called to concede Ronald Reagan won the presidency! 

Nancy once told Architectural Digest, "I'll never forget the night he was elected. It was just after 5, so it was already nighttime on the East Coast. I took a bath, and Ronnie got in the shower. The phone started ringing. It was President Carter, calling from Washington to concede the election and to congratulate Ronnie on winning. So I jumped out of the tub, started banging on the shower door, and he heard Jimmy Carter's voice say. 'Mr. Reagan? Congratulations. You're President of the United States.’ We ran to the TV. There we were, standing in our towels, listening to them say he had been elected.”

The couple gave up the home shortly after, when they moved to the White House.

In 2012, Jaman Properties acquired the property for approximately $5 million. The original estate was torn down and replaced with a new luxury home. The company, however, did maintain some of the home’s historic pieces, like the shower door and the bar where the Reagans entertained guests.

The new mansion, now being sold by David Offer of Berkshire Hathaway, is a 12,000 square-foot, six-bedroom, Spanish Revival-style home with a self contained guest house.

It sits on a 28,000-square-foot lot with view of Griffith Park, Downtown L.A., Century City, Palos Verdes, the Pacific Ocean and The Channel Islands.