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Can Snapchat Specs Sell a $15.9 Million Mansion in L.A.?

When it comes to selling an expensive home, agencies and brokers will do whatever it takes to find a buyer.

As such, pricey marketing videos have become a new fad—and a dime a dozen. Typically, these glamorous trailers are packed with shots of expensive cars, models lounging by the pool and curated art on the walls. It’s all in an effort to create the perfect fantasy of what your life could be like, if you resided in an eight-figure home.

When 28-year-old developer Patrick Fogarty completed The Origami House—named for its “folding paper” architectural design—in West Hollywood, he hoisted the home onto the market for $22 million in 2017 but saw little movement using traditional marketing methods. So he figured it was time for a new approach and a price chop; the home is now on the market for just $15.9 million.

“We were just bored of the same real estate videos,” he says. “We wanted to do something more authentic.”

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