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Jaman Properties- NBC Open House

Published on Sep 9, 2016 via OPEN HOUSE on NBC

We tour a home known as the Riviera White House. It's a unique estate that was once home to president Ronald Reagan.

It was virtually unchanged until 2013, when the current owners began a thoughtful renovation. They salvaged the house's historical elements, and then re-envisioned it from the ground up, creating a luxurious and inspiring retreat.

Riviera White House-My Domaine

By: Dana Covit

With a name like the Riviera White House, it should come as no surprise that the property we're about to share with you is pretty impressive. 

This Spanish Revival–style home, the former residence of late President Ronald Reagan, sits majestically atop a bluff in the Santa Monica Mountains, and it was recently redesigned by Jaman Properties and landscape designer Scott Shrader to include many of the structure's original midcentury elements.

There's the original bar area where President Reagan hosted world leaders and movie stars, for one, and doorways that date back to election night in 1980 when Reagan heard news of his victory. Add to that a beautiful library, a 2000-bottle wine room, and antique wood-beamed ceilings, and you have yourself one fine home.

Read on for a look inside the sprawling six-bedroom, eight and a half–bath residence now.

Riviera White House- VARIETY

By: Mark David

Whether making movies or designing high-end homes Mannheim and Cercone are natural born storytellers who say they conceptualize their projects around a carefully defined fictionalized character. For their latest project — a plum Pacific Palisades property owned for 25 years by Nancy and Ronald Reagan, who lived in the home at the time he was elected president in 1980 — the couple imagined the buyer would, among other things, be a quietly confident individual who enjoys trophy cars, gourmet cooking and large-scale entertaining.

Emmy winning producer Michael Mannheim (“Roe vs. Wade”) and Tony-nominated screenwriter Janus Cercone (“Leap of Faith”) sort of fell backwards into developing high-end properties. At first the real estate obsessed couple enthusiastically re-imagined numerous homes for themselves but eventually, in 2003, they turned their increasingly full-time avocation in to a bone fide profession. Through Jaman Properties, with investment backing from a consortium of Tinseltown insiders whom they politely declined to identify, the couple have extensively re-worked or built from the ground up eight multi-million dollar homes in some of L.A.’s most hoity-toity zip codes. Typically sold in under-the-radar off-market deals, a fair number of their former homes and projects have been acquired by showbiz movers and shakers who include Mary Parent, Matt Groening, Marcy Carsey, and Conan O’Brien who, in early 2008, bought a brand-new, nonchalantly luxurious six-bedroom Brentwood mansion in a hush-hush down-low deal for $10.75 million.

Whether making movies or designing high-end homes Mannheim and Cercone are natural born storytellers who say they conceptualize their projects around a carefully defined fictionalized character. For their latest project — a plum Pacific Palisades property owned for 25 years by Nancy and Ronald Reagan, who lived in the home at the time he was elected president in 1980 — the couple imagined the buyer would, among other things, be a quietly confident individual who enjoys trophy cars, gourmet cooking and large-scale entertaining.

Although radically transformed from a low-slung mid-century modern in to a stately five-bedroom and 8.5-bathroom Spanish revival with crisp, modern interiors, the home preserves symbolic traces of the former owners. A living room bar where Reagan mixed drinks for world leaders was meticulously restored and updated with ice maker and wine fridge and the original shower door in the master bathroom, where Reagan was when he got Jimmy Carter’s concession call, mounted as a commemorative art piece in the library. The souped-up kitchen features a hand-made Italian range that Cercone cheekily described as “so expensive you’d want to be buried in it,” and car enthusiasts will appreciate the detached, man-cave-y “show garage” complete with dual-spigot beer Kegerator. The elevator-equipped abode sports a slew of high-tech amenities and creature comforts that include a comprehensive home automation system, a climate controlled 2,000-bottle wine room, and a cashmere-lined screening room with state-of-the-art projection system. Other notable features include a powder room with walls covered in 25,000 individually hand-applied peacock feathers, a one-bed/one-bath guesthouse with mini-kitchen, and a monumental, 125-foot heated veranda with fireplace and spine straightening 270-degree views that sweep over Los Angeles from the Griffith Observatory to the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island.

As is Jaman’s modus operandi, the property won’t be listed on the open market but is represented by David Offer at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices with an asking price of $33 million.

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Moët Rosé Ice Impérial Launch Event

A general view of atmosphere at the Los Angeles launch of Moët Ice Impérial Rosé at the Riviera White House on August 11, 2016 in Pacific Palisades, California.


Ronald Reagan’s Onetime Pacific Palisades Property Asks $33 Million

The former President’s longtime home has been replaced by an estate that marries features like a glass-fronted ‘show garage’ with elements from the Reagans’ original dwelling.



Updated March 9, 2016 2:33 p.m. ET

Ronald and Nancy Reagan’s longtime property in Pacific Palisades, Calif.—where Mr. Reagan was famously showering when he learned he’d won the 1980 presidential election—is going on the market for $33 million.

Jaman Properties- LA Times

BY BONNIE MCCARTHY for The Los Angeles Times

In Los Angeles, Picasso and Warhol pieces don't hang just in museums — they grace the walls in extravagant open houses.

At real estate's most rarefied level, when homes are selling for $10 million or more, "you're not going to be putting up Z Gallerie pieces anymore," said Billy Rose, president of the Agency in Los Angeles.

Instead, elite home stagers coordinate with art galleries to rent original art pieces to use during home showings. Like the houses themselves, the art is for sale.

Realtors and galleries say it's a win-win: The pieces make the homes feel more luxurious and one-of-a-kind, and the art is more likely to be sold if it's brought to a place where wealthy buyers are sure to pass through.

When staging a newly renovated estate in Pacific Palisades on the site of President Ronald Reagan's former home, the developers brought in Picasso sketches, works by David Hockney and Donald Sultan, a Vija Celmins ocean lithograph and two Ethan Murrow drawings.

The house was redone to appeal to a buyer with a deep affinity for the Golden State, so nearly all of the pieces "reference California or classic Western imagery," said Janus Cercone, principal of Los Angeles-based Jaman Properties.

Rare art rentals from places such as Jason Vass Gallery in L.A. and Hamilton Selway Gallery in West Hollywood are in line with other open house practices designed to help sell a luxe lifestyle: the vintage prestige cars sitting in the garage, the lavish custom furnishings and the catered champagne-and-caviar parties.

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Jaman Properties- The Real Deal

LA brokers say luxury art and luxury houses sell one another

April 25, 2016 12:00PM

Who needs art museums when you can just go to an open house?

Luxury real estate agencies are now coordinating with art galleries to display and sell original pieces during home showings. For the agencies and the galleries involved, it’s a double-win setup that augments the appeal of crème de la crème houses and gives buyable art monied exposure. 

The developers of a renovated property in Pacific Palisades staged the residence to feature Picasso sketches, Ethan Murrow drawings and works by David Hockney and Donald Sultan.

The artwork, which referenced some element of Western imagery, played to the appeal of buyers attached to the brand of California, Jaman Properties principal Janus Cercone told the L.A. Times.

The added pizzazz isn’t without a cost. While borrowing the artwork is typically free, Cercone added that she must pay for insurance, logistics and security — which often amounts to tens of thousands of dollars.

But even if the house doesn’t sell, sometimes there is a happy ending for the featured artwork.

“I’ve seen the art sell to the person buying the house, and also to the person selling,” Paul Lester, a partner at the Agency, told the Times. “And I’ve had the experience where a potential buyer isn’t right for the house, but they come back for the art.”  — Cathaleen Chen


Jaman Properties- LA Times

Parties such as this one to sell the Riviera White House come with the territory for “pocket listings,” a.k.a. “whisper listings.” (Inae Bloom / Guest of a Guest)

Parties such as this one to sell the Riviera White House come with the territory for “pocket listings,” a.k.a. “whisper listings.” (Inae Bloom / Guest of a Guest)

BY: LAUREN BEALE for The Los Angeles Times

There's a velvet rope in L.A.'s multimillion-dollar housing market that most simply cannot pass. No entrance. No way. No how.

Welcome to the world of pocket listings, also known as whisper listings. Only elite real estate agents with rich clients are privy to these ultra-exclusive mansions that are for sale on the sly.

Don't bother to scour the Multiple Listing Service or any of the online realty marketplaces to try to find them. Pocket-listed homes simply aren't there, so prospective buyers have to rely on well-connected agents to score access.

This largely word-of-mouth marketing has obvious advantages for paparazzi-hounded celebrities and privacy seekers.

A case in point is the newly completed Riviera White House for sale on the site of the former Ronald and Nancy Reagan home in Pacific Palisades. Asking price: $33 million.

"There's such rare air at this level that we don't believe we need to be in the MLS," said David Offer, the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices agent who has the pocket listing.

Marketing the listing started with an invitation-only broker's open. "Only those with the potential to sell in this price category were invited," he said.

The next day a private tour brought 40 members of Soho House — one of the most hard-to-get-into members-only clubs in town — to view the 12,000-square-foot Spanish-style main residence and guesthouse. Two brokers also brought clients to look at the place. Among the unique flourishes: a bathroom whose walls are adorned with peacock feathers, applied by hand by a group of local art students.

The following day there was another private showing and an evening friends-and-family party. Jaman principals Janus Cercone and Michael Manheim warmly welcomed the guests, including such luminaries as television producer Marcy Carsey, who already owns a Jaman house. People milled about sipping champagne and admiring framed Picasso sketches on the walls while a pianist played classic tunes. Servers passed lamb-chop lollipops, prosciutto-wrapped fig skewers and cups of fennel salad.

The pocket listing, the private showings, the parties are all a sequel to a script that the couple employ to sell their individualized houses.

"We are storytellers," Cercone said. "We devise a biography of who the owner will be and design based on that character."

The pair imagined the buyer to be a self-made man or woman with big dreams and goals, Cercone explained. "We created a retreat and sanctuary where they come home after trying to make their mark on the world stage."

An earlier house Jaman Properties designed had a two-story living room meant to appeal to a larger-than-life person with a big personality. "The first day it was on the market," Cercone said, "Conan O'Brien walked in and said: 'I can't believe there's finally a house that's tall enough for me.'" He bought the place.

Selling luxury homes outside of the MLS system has gained traction in recent years, particularly at the Agency. The Beverly Hills real estate firm handles nearly a third of all transactions as pocket listings, said Paul Lester, an Agency partner.

But what if there are no takers?

"There is a period of time you can give yourself for an off-market listing or it doesn't resonate anymore," Lester said. "Thirty days is the best window."

Riviera White House- Guest Of A Guest

By: Guest of a Guest

Jaman Properties celebrated opening night of their most recent development, "The Riviera White House" a $33M estate on the site of former President Ronald Reagan's home in Pacific Palisades. Guests (which included 200 of Hollywood's power players, screen writers and producers) were greeted with Moët Chandon and a rare $5 Million Delahaye car parked in the glass showcase garage. Once inside, they took in the property's lavish and historic features; a bathroom embellished with 25,000 individually hand placed peacock feathers, cashmere walls in the theatre, over a million dollars in artwork including pieces by Picasso and a whiskey tasting in the remarkably expansive "His and Hers" closets.

Flaming pasta was served on the lush lawn with spectacular views of the city, followed by Nespresso affogatos in the dining room where a jaw dropping 3D printed chandelier hung.

Before they left, attendees sipped cocktails at Reagan's bar and took photos in the shower where he received the call from Jimmy Carter congratulating him on his presidency.

The White House Riviera is represented by David Offer of Berkshire Hathaway and The Society Group for PR.

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